Village Moves Forward to Improve Safety At Lake Zurich Road/Route 14 Intersection

Village of Barrington News
March 2, 2018

At its February 26 regular meeting, the Village of Barrington Board of Trustees approved an intergovernmental agreement to present to the Barrington Area Library for their consideration, which would begin the project to re-route Lake Zurich Road to intersect U.S. Route 14 (Northwest Highway) at the existing traffic signal at Berry Road.


The agreement provides that in order to finalize land acquisition and begin construction on the project, the Village would purchase a parcel of land from the Barrington Area Library at the library’s appraised price, subject to Illinois Department of Transportation concurrence, which is paying a significant portion of the project. This project is currently fully funded via state, federal, and budgeted Village funds.


Citing long-time safety concerns, the Village Board and staff have been working with various agencies on plans to re-route the road as part of major infrastructure improvements in the Village. The current Lake Zurich Road/Route 14 intersection sits on a curve of Route 14 with no traffic signal; its history includes a fatality and a disabling injury among numerous accidents in recent years, with 14 accidents occurring in a recent 18-month period.


In addition to significant public safety improvements at the intersection, the project will also provide numerous safety and other benefits to the Barrington Area Library, including:


  • Expansion of the parking lot and removal of the main traffic aisle from the front of the Barrington Library (patrons will no longer need to walk in front of parking lot traffic to get to the main entrance)


  • A safer Library walkway along Route 14 (currently the Library path along Route 14 is as little as 3’ from the curb of Northwest Highway -- this project would move it 10’ away to make it safer for pedestrians)


  • The construction of a new entrance to the Library from the relocated Lake Zurich road by means of a small roundabout, to be constructed at no cost to the Library 


  • A dedicated left turn arrow (protected status) for Northwest Highway traffic traveling southeast bound to turn onto Lake Zurich road and then enter the Library at the roundabout

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