Village of Barrington & Barrington Park District Complete Land Swap Deal

Village of Barrington News
October 18, 2017

The Village of Barrington and the Barrington Park District are pleased to jointly announce that we have recently entered into a partnership agreement for a land exchange that will assist the Village in reducing flooding in the Miller Park area (Summit and Lincoln Avenue) as well as to allow the Park District to improve Meinhard Park and continue to provide high-quality recreational opportunities in this area.

Under a joint intergovernmental agreement, the Village of Barrington will transfer ownership of Meinhard Park (at the corner of Bristol Drive and Concord Lane) to the Barrington Park District and, in exchange, Barrington Park District will transfer ownership of the open space area of Miller Park to the Village of Barrington, except for the Roy Wilmering Scout Cabin and its immediate surroundings, which would remain owned by the Barrington Park District. 

The Village would then redevelop Miller Park as a combination of open space and a new stormwater retention pond aimed at lowering the risk of neighborhood flooding – a much-needed improvement to this flood-prone area. Meanwhile, the Barrington Park District would improve Meinhard Park with playground and other equipment appropriate for a neighborhood park. 

Village of Barrington President Karen Darch said:

“We are very excited about this partnership with the Park District, which will help us further reduce long-standing flooding issues in the Miller Park area. We believe that, even though the Village of Barrington and the Barrington Park District are two separate entities, this project exemplifies the benefits of governmental bodies working together to achieve a better outcome for our community overall.”

Barrington Park District Board President Christine Garry said:

“The streets around Miller Park have had significant flooding issues, and while it was the Park District's desire to help remediate these concerns, it was also equally important to continue providing for the neighborhood a pocket park that would have a playground with usable open space. This agreement addresses both issues and we unanimously support the project.”

As a component of this land trade, rezoning hearings before the Barrington Plan Commission will be necessary.  All surrounding properties owners will receive a formal notice of these meetings; however, in advance of these hearings, the Village of Barrington and the Barrington Park District have invited surrounding property owners to a jointly hosted meeting to outline the plans and discuss any questions regarding the swap. We look forward to bringing these joint improvements to our residents.