Village of Barrington Special Flooding Alert

Village of Barrington News
July 12, 2017

Due to Flooding, Avoid Russell St. / Summit Street Area in the Village the Area is Currently Unsafe for Motorists

While flooding in much of the Village is subsiding as this morning's storms have passed, Village officials urge residents to avoid the low-lying area at Russell Street and Summit Street in the southeastern portion of the Village center. It is currently several feet under water, and cars are being towed. It is not safe for motorists.

According to Village Manager Jeff Lawler, Public Works crews have been out since early this morning checking inlets and clearing debris from drainage systems across the Village. The flooding issues this morning stem from receiving a good deal of rain last night, which saturated the ground. Then, when this morning's rain events arrived with high volumes of rain in a small amount of time, the ground was already saturated and could not absorb more water. Storm sewers backed up and caused the flooding. Many suburbs all over the Chicago area had the same problem.

Now that the rain has subsided, the situation should begin to improve. For now, however, please use caution on all flooded roadways and avoid the Russell/Summit area.