Darch Announces She is Running for Her Final Term

Village of Barrington News
January 24, 2017

Karen Darch officially announced today that, should she be re-elected by the voters of the Village of Barrington, this upcoming term would be her final one as Village President.

“It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as Village President of
this community I have called home since 1985. All six of my kids have
been born here and graduated from Barrington High School, with our
youngest graduating just last year,” said Darch. “When I think about
how incredible Barrington has been as a home for raising my own
family, I want to make sure that we offer the same sense of a thriving
community to the families, young and old, who make Barrington their
home now and in the years to come.”

Understanding the importance of having fresh ideas and new perspectives, Darch has been working diligently to bring in fresh faces over the past few years. In fact, this cycle she is running with a team of first-time candidates for Trustee: Jeff Janssen, Jen Wondrasek, Todd Sholeen, and Ryan Julian.

“I am proud to serve with individuals who prioritize community service
and servant leadership. These aren’t politicians; they are our
neighbors who simply wish to serve their community. I am so proud to
have them as part of my team, and I will work over the next four years
to ensure our community leaders are prepared to continue to lead us
forward after my final term ends.”

Darch has identified several key initiatives that she wants to see through to completion in her final term. She wants to complete several important infrastructure projects in order to increase safety and reduce congestion, including the Route 14 underpass, the replacement of the main sewer line, and various projects throughout the village. She wants to finish the downtown redevelopment to continue to raise quality of life and enhance the vitality of the village. Finally, she wants to continue to use her position as a regional and state leader to influence decisions that affect Barrington and to bring benefits home to the community.

Darch concluded: “I look forward to continuing to work to ensure
Barrington’s bright future. We have made excellent strides, but we
still have more work to do. I hope to represent you for one final
term, to see to completion many of the key initiatives we began over
the past 12 years.”

About Karen Darch:
Karen Darch is the Village President of Barrington and an active community leader and public servant. She was recently elected President of the Illinois Municipal League and serves on the Executive Committee for the Northwest Municipal Conference and Metropolitan Mayors Caucus. She has lived in Barrington since 1985. She and her husband of 36 years have six children, all of whom were born in Barrington and graduated from Barrington High School.