Barrington Police Officers Went to Dallas to Show Support

Village of Barrington News
July 16, 2016

Officers Lori Allsteadt and Rita Kelley went to Dallas to attend services for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer and four Dallas Police Department officers killed while working a peaceful protest through the streets of downtown Dallas on July 7th, 2016.


Micah Xavier Johnson is in custody for the murders. An Army Reserve Afghan War veteran, Johnson reportedly stated he was angry over police shootings of black men and that he wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers. In addition to the five killed, nine others were injured.

Dallas Law enforcement killed:

  • Patrick Zamarripa a Dallas Police Department Officer and war veteran who survived two tours in Iraq.

  • Michael Krol originally from Michigan, served as an officer for the Dallas Police Department for nine years.

  • Michael Smith served as an Army Ranger before becoming an officer, and eventually sergeant with the Dallas Police Department.

  • Lorne Ahrens, Senior Corporal with the Dallas Police Department who's wife is a Dallas police detective.

  • Brent Thompson, a former Marine who worked for DART (Dallas Rapid Transit) police since 2009.

We asked the Barrington Police Officers about their experience attending the services in Dallas this past week:

Living60010: What was your initial reaction to the killing of the police officers in Dallas?

Barrington Officers: Sadness. Sadness for the families especially their children. Sadness for their department and the officers that lay down their lives everyday to protect its citizens.

When something as senseless as this happens, every police officer feels the pain.

Living60010: What made you decide to go to Dallas for the services?

Barrington Officers: These officers made the ultimate sacrifice for their city, its citizens and law enforcement as a whole. As soon as I heard what had happened I knew that I wanted to go to Dallas to pay my respects to the family as well as the Dallas Police Department.

It's such an amazing experience to participate in officers funerals. Though it's not something I look forward to, the overall experience is something I never will forget and the camaraderie of the officers is amazing.

Living60010: What has been the mood of fellow officers in Dallas for the services?

Barrington Officers: Sometimes somber but overall we've tried to keep each other happy and laughing.

Living60010: How has the Dallas community reacted to the law enforcement deaths?

Barrington Officers: The citizens have been nothing short of spectacular.

We have received so many "thanks for your service" and salutes.

One resident walked up to us as 6 of us as we walked into a restaurant after one of the funerals and demanded to buy our lunches. On the way down to Dallas, a fellow passenger asked to pray with us.

I would also like to take this time to thanks the residents of Barrington for your support; the cards, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and flowers really do make a difference to each one of us.

Living60010: Do you feel this tragedy unified law enforcement across the country, or do you feel this is causing fragmentation?

Barrington Officers: Tragedies like us always unify law enforcement. We are a blue family and blue families stick together during tragedy.