The Dog Days of Fox Point

Village of Barrington News
September 10, 2013

The Dog Days of summer are behind us, but not before the pampered pooches of Fox Point, have their turn in the neighborhood pool. For as long as I have lived in Fox Point, we have had the annual Labor Day Dog Swim.  It has been held during the final hour of the pool being open for the summer. On Monday, about 20 dogs from different breeds, took a dip, with their owners, in the big pool and in our baby pool, too.


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Since living here we have had three dogs.Our blind Siberian Husky was not all that thrilled with swimming (not sure why we ever thought she would be,since she was a snow girl), but our Brittany Spaniel, Angus, could not get enough of the pool each year. Most years we'd need to drag him out after the hour. We miss having Angus take his annual dip. He died in 2007.

For Christmas 2009, Santa brought us a sweet Cattle Dog, FeistYes!, he is a rescue mutt,  and each year we take him to the Dog Swim. Each year Myles hesitates at getting in, but when our 13 year old Payton carries him in, he does indulge with "his boy" for a few minutes at a time. This year, Payton tried something new with Myles, he put him on a Boogie Board. Apparently, that is all it took…now Myles is a surfer type dog at heart. He doesn't like swimming but he does enjoy floating, of course with Payton pushing him around.



The annual event is always something that makes my family and I smile our (especially my boys).  Our neighbors, that do not even have dogs, walk over to watch these dogs frolic in the water. It's quite thea sight! Some are like Myles and are not too keen about the pool, and then, there are the water dogs who literally swim and play ball the entire hour. This year we had a couple of puppies that had a blast in the baby pool, no doubt they will be moving to the big pool when Labor Day 2014 rolls around for their next turn in the pool. It takes these pooches taking a swim to officially say summer fun at the Fox Point pool is officially behind us....until next year.