**TAXPAYER ALERT** - Lake County Under Attack

Village of Barrington News
June 27, 2013

A piece of state legislation, that will have a major financial impact on county operations and our taxpayers, is under serious consideration in Springfield TODAY. Here are some details on this important matter and the legislation, called House Bill 2418 (HB 2418).

The bill mandates that Lake County, and only Lake County, create a new government agency, specifically tasked with administering elections. It requires the county to hire more staff, appoint specific commissioners, create an administrator position and provide office space for this new entity. 

The County estimates that this new, unfunded bureaucracy could cost Lake County taxpayers an additional $600,000.

The responsibility of administering elections is already one of the primary functions of our Lake County government and handled by County Clerk Willard Helander and her staff. They have done a fine job over the years and we have a well run, ethical and fair elections process in Lake County.

Creating this new elections agency, proposed in HB 2418, is unnecessary, duplicative and most of all, a waste of taxpayer dollars. The bill is purely political.

TODAY the Illinois House is set to vote on the matter and I could use your help to challenge Springfield's way of thinking.

Please contact our Lake County delegation of State Representatives and tell them to support Lake County taxpayers and not HB 2418.

Representative Ed Sullivan

51st District
(217) 782-3696 and (847) 566-5115

Representative Sam Yingling
62nd District
(217) 782-7320 and (847) 231-6262

Representative Barb Wheeler
64th District
(217) 782-1664 and (847) 973-0064

Representative Mike Tryon
66th District
(217) 782-0432 and (815) 459-6453

Representative Scott Drury
58th District
(217) 782-0902 and (847) 681-8580

Representative Rita Mayfield
60th District
(847) 599-2800 and (217) 558-1012

Representative David McSweeney
52nd District
(217) 782-1517 and (847) 516-0052

Representative JoAnn Osmond
61st District
(217) 782-8151 and (847) 855-8600