Proactively Addressing Possible Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Village of Barrington News
June 27, 2013

Barrington, IL – During the January state legislative Lame Duck Session, the Illinois General Assembly was considering a bill to authorize the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries and related facilities. To be prepared in case that bill passed, the Village Board held a special meeting on January 2, 2013 and passed a Resolution directing the Plan Commission to consider how our Zoning Ordinance would address location of such dispensaries should the state legislature authorize them. While the proposed legislation did not allow municipalities to prohibit medical marijuana facilities, it did allow them to regulate location through zoning. The proposed legislation did not pass during the Lame Duck Session but will likely be considered again. 

President Darch said, “Our goal is to be prepared for all legislation that the State of Illinois considers. With this potential legislation being considered by the State, the Village would not have been prepared to handle zoning requests from distribution facilities without taking this proactive measure.”