Tower Lakes Warns Residents About Coyotes

Tower Lakes News
December 17, 2016

Earlier this week, Tower Lakes Improvement Association sent out an alert to homeowners warning of increased coyote attacks in the area.

January and February are the coyotes mating season and they may become even more aggressive. Referencing that the coyote population can not be trapped or controlled, Tower Lakes responded with tips from local resident and veterinarian Steve Barten:

  • Walk your dogs on a leash and keep your cats indoors.

  • Never leave a pet alone in your yard unsupervised. Close supervision is important – watching a pet through a window or standing a distance away won’t prevent a stealthy coyote from seizing an opportunity to grab a small pet.

  • Remember that invisible fences keep your dog in but do not keep wild animals out.

  • Coyotes should never be fed.

  • Secure your garbage and don’t leave pet food outside.

  • Secure your compost in covered bins and avoid items that might attract coyotes.

  • Harass coyotes whenever you see them: act big and loud.
    You can open and close an umbrella, bang pots and pans, blow a whistle, or make a shaker of 40 pennies in a soda can. Air horns work too. Carry such noisemakers on walks.

  • Finally, share this information with your neighbors.