Transition of Village Presidents

South Barrington News
May 10, 2013

Village President Frank Munao turned over the reins as mayor of South Barrington to Paula McCombie on Thursday, May 9th. During the monthly board meeting, Paula was installed as the new President of our village. Munao has been involved with the Village Hall for over forty years. In addition to being the third and seventh village president, Munao has also held roles as the building and zoning officer, village treasurer, on the planning commission and zoning board of appeals.

Munao's work on starting the Conservancy of South Barrington, the Emergency Management program and Woods development are initiatives he will be remembered for. After retiring from his role as President, he plans to stay involved with EMI and further expand the initiative for both South Barrington and the other villages.

A small reception was held in early May to celebrate his retirement and his dedication and service to South Barrington. At the reception, Mike Jaffee, of the Arboretum of South Barrington, presented President Munao with a bronze horse in honor of his work for the community.