North Barrington Girls Raise Money for Hurricane Harvey Victims

North Barrington News
September 4, 2017

Stories of the struggles of Hurricane Harvey victims led some girls from the Oaksbury neighborhood in North Barrington to take action.

The weekend before school started, instead of enjoying a last trip to the pool or park, these 2nd through 4th-grade girls baked cookies and mixed batches of lemonade to sell to neighbors and friends to raise funds to help Hurrican Harvey victims. The neighborhood came out in support! Children living in the area cleaned out their piggy banks to buy the delicious cookies and lemonade, and additional neighbors stopped by to make donations.

Although still quite young, three of the five girls and their families have already experienced the fear and have learned about the danger of hurricanes.

Sale organizer, Abigail McNicholas is a 4th grader at North Barrington School. She moved to North Barrington two years ago from Tampa, Florida. Abigail's mother is from Southwest Florida and no stranger to the devastation that Hurricanes cause.

Jordyn Silverberg, also a 4th grader at North Barrington School worked hard to keep the stand stocked. She delivered extra cookies and lemonade after they sold their entire initial supply in less than an hour. Jordyn lived in Georgia before moving to North Barrington with her family. Because they are from the south, her family is also familiar with the devastation that hurricanes cause.

Shayna Youkhana, a 3rd grader at North Barrington School moved to North Barrington from Fort Myers Beach, Florida, 3 years ago. She and her family were ordered to evacuate the island when Hurricane Irene was expected to hit in 2011, just before Shayna's 3rd Birthday. One month before Shayna's 4th Birthday her family evacuated Louisiana hours before Hurricane Isaac hit.

Lucy Houston, a 3rd grader at North Barrington School, and new to the neighborhood, made quick friends with the others and volunteered her time to help her new friends raise money.

Emma Bromet, a 2nd grader at NBS also helped organize the fundraiser., Emma helped set-up and donated supplies.

The girls sent 100% of the money they raised to Hurricane Harvey victims.