BOMNS Hugs & Hearts - Support Family of Mom With Cancer

North Barrington News
September 27, 2015

When a friend or family member gets sick, the 60010 community seems to always rally to help one another.

In the case of the Hansen family of North Barrington, neighbors and friends gathered to celebrate life and their friendship by hosting a fundraiser. Funds raised will go towards offsetting the costs associated with the treatment and care of Jennifer Hansen, who is fighting stage-four cancer.

A young family with plenty of friends through their neighborhood and their children’s activities, the upstairs of McGonigal’s was packed with people who care for the family. The Hansen’s have four children at North Barrington, Barrington Middle School Prairie and Barrington High School. A fun night with raffles, silent auction items and two rounds of ‘Heads & Tails’ – brought the group together in fun and friendship, as they had hoped.

Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early twenties and had been in remission until last year, when they found the cancer had returned and was in her bones and lungs. Extreme treatment had her spending the end of summer and early fall in the hospital in a fight for her life. Having survived that course of treatment, Jennifer was able to return home and actually helped the new cancer support group in 60010 – Cancer Soul Survivors. Jennifer actively stepped up to help create gift baskets for Cancer patients in treatment, plan the CSS Barrington Relay for Life team, and brainstorm ways the group could help those fighting the disease.

Unfortunately, this summer landed Jennifer back in the hospital. She has spent most of the past few months between Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital and Alden Estates of Barrington. Her solid support of friends and family have been holding prayer gatherings, and helping with meals and rides for their children during this time. The Hugs & Hearts event, although organized by the Biltmore Oaksbury Moms' Network (BOMNS) – reached beyond bringing members of the Hansen’s church, Cancer Soul Survivors and others together to help offset the huge financial burden the disease has delivered on the family.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help going forward.

Donations can be made by clicking here

Biltmore Oaksbury Moms' Network (BOMNS) women who organized the event were:

  • Mary Block

  • Emily Bowker

  • Mary Cook

  • Nicole Haas

  • Lynda Katzbeck

  • Dawn Patten