13th Annual LeCompte/Kalaway Trail Owners Cup

Barrington Hills News
September 10, 2017

The 13th Annual LeCompte/Kalaway Trail Owners Cup was held Saturday, September 9th, 2017 in Barrington Hills. 

Each year families, sponsors and horse enthusiast surround the field with tents and tailgates of different sizes and themes. A real community event, most hosting tents invite those walking by to join them and share the food drinks they have laid out to enjoy.

The event is hosted by the Barrington Hills Polo Club(BHPC). With the help of many volunteers, the BHPC organize displays and polo matches that delight horse enthusiasts and general spectators every year. Starting with the Pony Club Quadrille and the Parade of the Hounds, the polo action kicked-off with The Battle of the Sexes. The Quintessential Barrington Ladies Team competed against the Men sponsored by Aston Martin of Chicago.

QB Ladies Team:

  • Renata Sanfilippo

  • Heather Khan

  • Zivile Rackauskas

  • Tracy Riff

  • Shannon Nourbash

  • Cindy Apitz

  • Kim Monreal

Aston Martin Gentlemen's Team:

  • James Sanfilippo

  • John Rosene

  • Bob Apitz

  • Joel Cueller

  • Lindor Novillo

  • Mark Cope

Aston Martin's men won the match, although Zivile Rackauskas of the QB Ladies Team was awarded Most Valuable Player. Following awards for hats and tailgates, the Unique 3-Team LeCompte Trail Owners Cup showcased some of the best polo competition in the midwest.

Beaird Dermatology Team:

  • Adrienne Purves

  • Shannon Eldridge

  • Megan West

  • Joan Brugue

Mike Harrington Team:

  • Cindy Forster

  • Charles Todd

  • Ahmed Fathy

  • Claudio Gauna

Shakou Sushi Team:

  • Heather Khan

  • Roueen Rafeyan

  • Joe Messer

  • Nadir Khan

  • Cindy Apitz

Mike Harrington's Team won the match with Roueen Rafeyan from the Shakou Team taking the Most Valuable Player Award.

The Barrington Saddlery sponsored hayrides for all ages between the competitions allowing children of all ages a trip around the polo field.

This year the Barrington Hills Polo Club partnered with Midwest Veterans Closet. They not only shared the proceeds of the event but also collected items for the organization at the entrance. The Midwest Veterans Closet provides food and clothing to veterans and active service personnel and their families.

Learn more about the Midwest Veterans Closet here

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