20-Year Border Agreement Passed Between Barrington Hills & South Barrington

Barrington Hills News , South Barrington News
March 24, 2017

At the March 21st meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Village of Barrington Hills voted to accept and extend a 20-year border agreement between Barrington Hills and South Barrington.

This agreement will replace and renew the prior agreement and will protect Barrington Hills from disconnection and development. Formal negotiations for this new agreement began in September.
President McLaughlin stated, “As far back as 2014, there were discussions during the Sears settlement for a 3-party border agreement between Hoffman Estates, South Barrington and Barrington Hills which was rejected due to the Plum Tree Farms annexation.”

The agreement with South Barrington protects development inside Barrington Hills’ 5-acre zoned, residential village.

This agreement passed with unanimous support and will now be presented to South Barrington for ratification and final approval.

The timing of this new agreement coincides with development issues at 59 and 72.

President McCombie of South Barrington and President McLaughlin of Barrington Hills recently appeared in Hoffman Estates and spoke against the development which lies between their communities.

South Barrington and Barrington Hills have worked well together since 2013, solving land issues between the villages and saving their taxpayers millions in fees working on difficult issues collaboratively.