Barrington Hills Launches New Website

Barrington Hills News
February 1, 2017

Village President Martin McLaughlin and Communications Director Anna Paul have been diligently working with the branding firm Menagery over the last few months to launch the Village's new website.

Last week President McLaughlin invited area realtors to a kickoff roundtable those attending were Arnold A. Cernik, Dawn Detelich, Denise D'Amico, Kim Alden, Melanie Parsons and Pam Jacobs.

The new site,, was designed with input from area homeowners, realtors, and marketing professionals with the aim to improve the resident experience. The new site offers a more direct and interactive platform for all government functions. Whether you’re looking for information about a building permit or an application for a private fireworks display, you can find it quickly and easily, with just a few keystrokes.

More importantly, the website now provides a single source of regional information. Links to schools, clubs, activities and organizations are available in one central location.

Additionally, the site features a lifestyle section highlighting the serenity and peacefulness of Barrington Hills which serves as a respite from today’s hectic pace. You can choose to be as socially engaged or as private as you like. Living in harmonious anonymity is a distinctive part of the village, afforded by large lots, long driveways, and wooded streets.

Village President McLaughlin said, “I expect to become
an invaluable resource for our residents that will differentiate us
from other communities in the northwest suburbs”.

Click here to see the new Village of Barrington Hills website

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