Barrington Hills Polo Club Offers Kids the Opportunity to Learn to Play

Barrington Hills News
January 17, 2017

The Barrington Hills Polo Club has earned a great reputation for not just hosting the area's largest and most prestigious polo event, but also for sharing the love of the game to people of all ages.


The BHPC is one of the few clubs in the world that not only plays year-round both on grass and in arenas but also runs a school for people interested in giving the sport a try. Their motto "Polo Among Friends" sums up the camaraderie that has attracted many people to the sport and created lasting friendships. Nationally recognized by the United States Polo Association and taught by USPA-rated players, the BHPC school offers lessons to students without the requirement of owning a horse or equipment.

"I love the challenge of playing two sports at the same time," shared BMS student Jack Maison. "It's like playing hockey and horseback riding."

This past fall they added a class for elementary and middle school-aged children. Taught by BHPC Polo Instructor Megan West, the class drew students from all over 60010 and the greater Chicagoland suburban area. We caught up with Megan to ask her about the new program and how she became involved with the BHPC.

Living60010: How did you become involved with the Barrington Hills Polo Club?

Megan West: I became involved with the Barrington Hills Polo Club in the summer of 2008 as a polo groom for John Rosene. I was between undergrad and grad school and was looking for something involving horses as I was introduced to polo the year before and grew up taking hunter/jumper lessons. I had no idea how much starting with the club would change my life!

Living60010: Did you learn/play polo somewhere else previously?

Megan West: I was introduced to polo at Purdue University, but really learned (and continue to learn!) the sport in Barrington Hills.

Living60010: How did the children's polo program come to be?

Megan West: Having been involved in intercollegiate polo, I knew just how positive a children's polo program could be.

Living60010: We did a pilot program with the pony club a few years back and fielded an interscholastic team one year when we had enough high school/middle school aged kids. I had been teaching lessons prior to this and thought that as we had enough kids this year that were riding we could get the program off the ground again! I believe it was hugely successful!


Living60010: When is the next session?

Megan West: The next official session will be in the Fall of 2017.

Living60010: For children interested in riding and possibly playing polo, how to you suggest they start?

Megan West: I would suggest they begin by taking English riding lessons and spending as much time around horses as their schedule permits. To participate in the kid's school, riders must be able to walk/trot.

Living60010: Are there programs during the winter months?

Megan West: We do not have any official programs this winter, mainly due to weather and horse availability. While the official school is during the fall we are always happy to put something together at any time if there is enough interest!

Living60010: How can families learn more?

Megan West: Please reach out to us at

To learn more about the Barrington Hills Polo Club click here