Barrington Hills Went to the Dogs in Celebration of This Year's Hounds

Barrington Hills News
August 1, 2016

The Fox Hound Puppy Show and Family Dog Celebration brought the community out in support of four-legged friends.

Dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, joined their owners to champion the 'Dog Days of Summer'. Competitions resulting in awards, as well as prizes for the closest Dog & Owner look-a-likes, had attendees clamoring for prizes.

The Fox River Valley Hounds of Barrington Hills hosts this annual event, one of five events they host celebrating traditions enjoyed by the community for decades. Their mission, to exercise hounds while riding horses, simulates a hunting tradition that began in Barrington Hills in 1940. No longer live hunts, members are more involved with the expansion and enhancement of habitat and wildlife.

Guests enjoyed games, face painting, and plenty of exhibitions in addition to the awards ceremony. In typical Barrington Hills-style, elegant tailgating and sharing of quality cuisine, set the stage around the ring of this year's celebration with even the top tailgater receiving an award!

The Fox River Valley & Massbach Hounds and their puppies were introduced, giving everyone a chance to meet this breed that has been the hardworking backbone of the traditional fox hunt for generations.

Learn more about the Fox River Valley & Massbach Hounds here