11th Annual LeCompte Kalaway Trail Owners Cup Was Fun for All

Barrington Hills News
September 14, 2015

The LeCompte Kalaway Trail Owners Cup is the largest Polo event in the entire Chicagoland area. It is also one of the best parties for all ages in Barrington Hills.

This year’s event did not disappoint!

Plenty of entertainment on the field and tailgate parties all around. The welcoming nature of the sponsors and hosts make this event a real celebration of community. Their tagline of ‘polo among friends’ – is accurate.

The many parties set up by individual families and sponsors welcomed people as they passed by. Serving everything from candy & sweets to full bars & gourmet dishes there was plenty to consume. Each tent set up differently from the others. Some hosted simple tents, while others featured elaborate tents set in themes. Vendors were also on hand should you want to purchase food. The Barrington Saddlery offered hayrides throughout the day adding to the day’s fun.

The action on the field began just after noon. The Fox River Valley Pony Club Quadrille performed an exhibition, followed by the National Anthem and the Mounted Color Guard of Bravehearts Military Veterans. There was a Parade of the Hounds of Fox River Valley Hunt/Massbach Hounds.

The Battle of the Sexes was the first Polo match of the day. Once Cathy LeCompte threw in the first ball, the battle commenced.

Representing sponsor Avaya, the ladies in white jerseys:

  • Cindy Wozniak

  • Janet Ratajczak

  • Zivile Rackauskas

  • Niloo Mirani

  • Kim Monreal

  • Tracy Riff

Representing sponsor Land Rover of Northfield, the men wore green:

  • Ed McKinley

  • Jeff Hensel

  • Stu Taussig

  • John Rosene

  • Mark Cope

  • Bob Apitz

A break from the polo play allowed for awards to be given not only for the first match, but also for the ladies hats, tailgates and even best polo pony.

The main event, the LeCompte/Kalaway Trail Owners Cup, presented a unique three-way competition. Once Bonnie Kalaway threw in the game ball, the teams representing The Harrington Family, Oakwood Farms and Quintessential Barrington began their competition.

Representing The Harrington Family in green jerseys:

  • Francois Rodier

  • Heather Khan

  • Rouseen Rafeyan

  • Jan Leuders

  • Clifton Yandell

Representing Oakwood Farms in Navy and Gold jerseys:

  • Adrienne Purves

  • Courtney Rohs

  • Joan-Carlos Brugue

  • Megan West

Representing Quintessential Barrington in white jerseys:

  • Deb Hasanoglu

  • Shannon Guistino

  • Joe Messer

  • Tony Sekera

The horses were not the only four-legged animals at the event. Many guests brought their own dogs who socialized with other dogs at the different tents. Puppies and lap dogs greeted large poodles and shepherds. The dogs were as hospitable as their owners at this year’s LeCompte Kalaway Trail Owners Cup.

If you missed this year’s event, be sure to make a point to attend the event next year. Information about sponsorships and tailgate spaces can be found by emailing barringtonhillspolo@gmail.com.