HOPES IN Celebrates Generations of Women with 'Tea for Me'

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November 19, 2018

Yesterday the local nonprofit organization, HOPE'S IN, hosted a sold-out event, Tea With Me. The event's goal was to celebrate women in our community while raising money for their organization.

Over 90 guests attended the mother/daughter tea party for a memorable afternoon. 

The proceeds from the event are being used for HOPE'S IN's new program to empower children with disabilities living in Guatemala City.


Their Executive Director, Courtney McGovern, shared about the new program at Tea With Me:


"This past summer we knew that as an organization we were ready to bring our hearts to more places and broaden our battle for hope in Guatemala City. We decided that as an organization we wanted to learn what it would look like to come alongside children with disabilities in Guatemala City. So what did we do? We listened! Through the generosity of a grant from New York University we were able to spend two and a half weeks interviewing experts, advocates, and families in Guatemala City to learn how we could come alongside them."


The event, styled by Mosie Himes who donated her time to make the event beautiful, took place at the Barrington White House. With hot teas, iced teas, pastries and tea sandwiches on the menu, guests enjoyed an eloquent and fun afternoon. Some guests came with their mother and grandmother while others came with friends and role models! 


"The event was a labor of love! We were grateful to have the support of community organizations who truly made the day possible. The Barrington Area Community Foundation's grant to host an event at the White House partnered with Barrington Bank and Trust and Barrington Wealth Management's generosity towards the event allowed us to have an beautiful event for our guests." McGovern commented. 


Also at the event was OSO Microenterprise, a partner of HOPE'S IN. OSO is a program that gives women living in Guatemala City's garbage dump communities dignified employment. The organization employs 12 women who learned to sew teddy bears. These teddy bears were sold at the event and designed by Chicago based designer, Wanda Cobar


During the event, 4 guest speakers surprised their loved ones with words from their heart; speeches that expressed how much the person they attended the event with meant to them. With stories about motherly love, a grandmother's guidance, and a daughters inspiration, so many kind words were exchanged. 


Maggie Horak, a freshman at the University of Illinois and BHS graduate surprised her mother, Laura and grandmother, Anne with the speech. Maggie shared:

"I know being a mom certainly has its ups and downs - it’s not easy. In fact, It’s the hardest job out there with little reward and little validation. But you are extraordinary at it and I swear, not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much I love you and depend on you. We all do."

"We are still on our way to reach our $25,000 fundraising goal. All the proceeds will go towards these families we aim to empower who are on a journey with their child with special needs."


To learn more about HOPE'S IN or donate to their program, please visit their website at www.hopesin.org. If you have questions or want to get involved, please feel free to email McGovern at courtney@hopesin.org

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