Hope's In Will Build 30th Home in Guatemala City Garbage Dump This Summer

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June 9, 2018

Who would have thought that a few high school girls’ ideas to build one home for one family in Guatemala City would snowball into a catalyst for connection between Barrington families and Guatemala City?

Certainly not Hope’s In co-founders, Ashley Quigley and Courtney McGovern. Until now.

This summer, Hope’s In NFP will be building their 30th home and beyond and will be hosting their tenth week of medical clinics! The organization works in the garbage dump communities in Guatemala City in partnership with a Guatemalan organization, Potter’s House Association. These communities are home to over 13,000 people who make a living off of the city’s landfill. The best news is that there are still a few spots on this summer’s team! Here to discuss some of the most exciting aspects of this year’s trip is Executive Director, Courtney McGovern.

Living60010: Courtney, how does the Hope’s In community feel about building its 30th home?

Courtney: Our community is really excited! 30 homes mean that 30 families have a safe place to call home. We’ve traded 30 dirt floors for concrete ones, given the gift of indoor plumbing, and stood alongside 30 families in a time of need.


Living60010: What are you doing to celebrate this milestone?

Courtney: Last year in Guatemala, as we completed our 29th home and I realized we would hit this milestone, I began dreaming of what it would be like to get all the families that have touched our lives, through building their home, in the same room. Maybe we’d sing a song, have some cake, or play a game, but overall just celebrate our impact on one another’s lives. It was a small, sweet dream.

I reached out to Potter’s House Association to see if this would be possible. I’m excited to share that we have been working with them over the past few months to plan a special celebration! Since we have two different volunteer teams coming over the course of two weeks, each team will get to celebrate with 15 families that we have built for in the past. It is going to be a really impactful afternoon with cake, story exchanges, and fun!


Learn more about registering to go on this year's trip here: https://hopesin.org/get-involved/

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