Barrington Students Join National School Walk Out

The Talk in 60010
March 14, 2018

Over 25% of Barrington High School students exited classrooms in support of the ENOUGH: National Walk Out.

The event organized by the Women's March Network was created to support the student survivors of the February 14th Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting where seventeen people were killed by 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz. Cruz, a former student who had been expelled from the school, pulled the fire alarm after he entered the school and preceded to open fire on students as they exited classrooms.

The Women's March Network subgroup Women’s March Youth EMPOWER organized the ENOUGH: National School Walk Out

Locally, students left Barrington High School and made their way to Memorial Park in downtown Barrington where they heard from student organizers and adults who spoke about changes they would like to see in laws regarding gun control and school safety. Many students carried signs challenging local politicians to support stricter gun laws and to put 'Books Above Bullets'. Some students carried signs supporting more armed security in schools.

Adults lined the street in support and joined the students at Memorial Park. 

"It was powerful watching our students here locally as well as across the county stand together to raise awareness for stricter gun laws and to remember the families of those who lost their loved ones," shared Marlene Snyder, mother of a BHS student participating in the event. "God Bless America and protect our children."

The Barrington school walk out and rally at Memorial Park was peaceful and without incident.

"While Barrington High School did not take part in organizing the walkout, district administrators worked closely with local law enforcement to make sure everyone stayed safe and after a peaceful walkout, students returned to class with minimal disruption to the school day," said Barrington 220 Communications Director Samantha Ptashkin.

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