Unique Gifts for All Tastes at Colored Squid Gallery

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May 12, 2017

Colored Squid Gallery is a unique business that has one-of-a-kind gifts for people of all tastes and interests.

Joyce Younger, a successful business owner in the Barrington area for many years, opened this art gallery/shop this past year. Customers are amazed at the extraordinary items and breadth of artistic style carried at the Colored Squid Gallery.

Whether needing a gift for a sports lover or something special for mom, Colored Squid has many exclusive items ensuring the gift chosen will not be duplicated.

We wanted to learn more about this special Barrington Bank Businesses Around Town, so we visited Joyce Younger at the Colored Squid Gallery, 123 East Station Street in Barrington.

Living60010: How long have you lived in the area?

We moved to Palatine when I was 7 years old from Pittsburgh... then I moved to Barrington 25 years ago. I have lived in the area off and on for 25 years.

Living60010: What were some of your favorite places to shop over the years?

The shop called SISTERS was a favorite of mine for the few years it was here, as well as the knitting shop and the book store. All of these places are gone now.

Living60010: Tell us how you decided to open such a unique retail shop:

I have been making jewelry and selling in art shows for many years. I have always wanted to have a little shop that sells artistic objects from all artists so that I can sell my own designs year round.

Art shows are hard - they depend on good weather, and they are a lot of work. I love the idea of my little shop being an art show that is open year round!

Living60010: Where did the name come from?

I didn't want my jewelry line to be my name... I wanted something unique. My girlfriend came up with the name as it doesn't specify jewelry. It makes the store a colorful and many-legged venture into the art world.

There are no boundaries with this name.

Living60010: You have a wide variety of product and designs, how do you decide what you want in the store?

I have many friends from my years on the art show circuit. The inventory started there, and now people are finding me.

I love having artists email me photos of their art and if it fits with the shop and space we have available, I will give almost anything a go. It is the customers who are really deciding what should be in the shop, not me.

If a specific design or line is selling, I will continue to curate more goods from that artist.

Living60010: How would you describe your store to someone who has never been inside?

An indoor art show. A gallery of sorts that fits any budget. There is something for everyone in here and most of it is made locally.

At least 70% of the art here is within driving distance of Barrington, and the rest is from other parts of the United States.

It is fun to shop here!

Living60010: What are some of your favorite brands or products?

Danuta Loane and her handmade ceramics - she brings in new designs each month - then the handmade soaps from a goat farm out in Woodstock where you can go and visit the goats!

We also have a great line of jewelry from Detroit that is made from graffiti. The company is hiring underprivileged women and giving them a job and teaching them a trade/skill. They are changing lives of women through jewelry!

Those are just a few of the stories... I have many more!

Living60010: You offer events in the store, tell us about what you have coming up?

We have classes where the artists in the shop teach their specific skill. be it drawing, coloring, mixed media art, and/or painting. We are looking forward to getting more and more classes here as we grow.

Right now, we have very simple classes that are good for all beginners and those who think they have no artistic talent - we all have a creative side!

We also have different trunk shows for artists bringing in new lines, or different outside vendors, such as India Hicks and/or Rodan and Fields. It is always fun to have a fun ladies night out in the shop!

We are always open to suggestions, so if there is something you, our customers want to learn or to see, we can work with all ideas!

Living60010: How can people learn more about events or specials?

We post frequently on both and have events listed on Facebook that are open to the public.

If you do not have social media accounts, we have an email list that anyone can sign up for by emailing us at coloredsquid@gmail.com.

Living60010: Tell us about your relationship with Barrington Bank & Trust?

I have been banking at Barrington Bank & Trust for a long time. They had the best online banking available when I was choosing where to bank for my driving school (Joyce's Driving School) I opened that almost 8 years ago, so, when I opened Colored Squid Gallery, it was an easy choice to go with the people I already knew and who are easy to work with!