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July 20, 2016

Stephen Briddick comes to the business of tile installation from a background of years of experience in construction and design.

Originally he is from Bloomington, Illinois, but since moving to downtown Barrington Stephen has done business in the greater Barrington Area for a number of years.

Briddick Tile and Stone is a business he has built on the philosophy of always learning and meeting the customer’s personal needs. The positivity and enthusiasm that make him such a pleasure to work with, combined with a dedication to cutting edge design, produces a final product that his clients are always pleased with. Living60010 enjoyed a visit to Briddick Tile and Stone where we had the chance to meet Stephen and learn more about the work he does locally.

LIVING60010: How did you first get involved in this kind of work?

Stephen Briddick: Well it started with my dad to be honest. My dad worked construction for as long as I could remember. We started together by rennovating a couple of houses when I was about fourteen years old, and I just loved it! I loved the atmosphere, the actual build process, and getting to see something progress from start to finish. After I went to college I stopped working with my dad and started working for a builder. I worked with that builder for a couple of years during college, and that was more design because my degree is actually architecture and design. Following college I got married and moved up here from Bloomington, Illinois.

LIVING60010: What role has your family played in both the founding and day to day operations of Briddick Tile and Stone?

Stephen Briddick: For me my family has been a huge part of it. I think of my dad playing a large role in building that desire and passion to do construction because I actually love the whole process of building from start to finish. My wife has been a huge help. She’s kind of behind the scenes a little bit, but she’s a huge part of the motivation and encouragement because it’s not easy owning your own company. It definitely has its moments that are hard, but moments that are fun too.

LIVING60010: Can you tell me about some of the unique products and services that Briddick Tile and Stone has to offer?

Stephen Briddick: I think the unique thing about us is our specialty of customization. When we start a project we always allow our clients to be able to come in with a picture or something that is a representation of things they like, and then we start from there. I think that is unique because a lot of big box stores are just offering their products, but they don’t offer any sort of design. If they do offer some kind of design they are usually just trying to push their most expensive products onto you. I'm not about pushing items onto anybody. I want to make sure if we do a project for somebody they’re showing it off to their friends.

LIVING60010: How exactly do you assess your customers personal needs when going through the design process?

Stephen Briddick: I think a lot of times installations start with kind of getting to know what the client's needs are, and what their expectations are. Whether that be a shower, a backsplash, a floor, whatever the kind of tile need it always goes back to the clients personal expectations. For example, if a client has dogs that’s going to be a completely different design process versus someone that is retired and living in Lake Barrington Shores. That design process is different just because a person with dogs is going to need something that’s not slippery and that cleans easily. I would say that’s one of the biggest things with people purchasing tile is that they’re doing it because they want something they can clean and maintain easily, but at the same time is very durable.

LIVING60010: What has been your experience doing business with customers in the greater Barrington Area?

Stephen Briddick: We’ve done tons of work for people in Barrington. Especially a lot of projects out in the Fox Pointe Area. We tend to do a lot of work for younger families. I enjoy starting a project with a family because I have two young kids and it’s very relatable. During that design process from start to end we never try and force people what to do as far as design choices, but I like to make suggestions that are more adequate.

LIVING60010: What has been your relationship with Barrington Bank and Trust?

Stephen Briddick: We actually did the tile for a shower in Burke Grooms’s home, and that was a result of meeting him through the bank, and the relationship that was started by the business that we do there. We use them as our primary banking for this business here in Barrington because it is a local bank, but the relationships we have there are outstanding, and go beyond just ordinary banking relationships.

LIVING60010: What about Briddick Tile and Stone do you think makes it stand out from the competition?

Stephen Briddick: I think being able to be cutting edge. That’s the biggest thing for us. When I get dressed I want to be cutting edge in what I wear. I want to be cutting edge in the shoes that I am wearing, and the shirt that I have on. And that is a small example of my philosophy in business. The reason that people are doing work in their homes is not only functionality, but to have something that is cutting edge and different from what their neighbor has. I could go to Home Depot or any of the other big box stores and could get something that’s just totally bland, but we have products that go beyond that.

LIVING60010: Are there any new products on the way that old customers and potentially new one’s should be excited about?

Stephen Briddick: Porcelain slabs are a new market that’s becoming more popular. It’s basically a product that is a quarter inch thick, and a sheet of porcelain that fills the whole wall. So for example, if you were going to do a shower you would use three walls of porcelain. As a result of it only being three pieces there are no grout lines or real maintenance required for those walls. It comes in matched veins so the vein on the marble matches as it rolls around the room. It’s a really cool product that we’ve already implemented in several homes, and it’s something I’m really jazzed about as far as a product that will be available for future installations

LIVING60010: Where should I go to get news and updates about Briddick Tile and Stone?

Stephen Briddick: You can go on our website and there’s a link where you can sign up for our newsletter and get emails. We try and keep our clients not bombarded with information, but just kept up to date. We try and do a monthly or bimonthly newsletter letting our customers know about sales that we might have, or new products that we’re offering in our showroom.


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