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July 3, 2016

As the Chamber of Commerce Chair, a United Way Board member, and a local business owner Patty Jacobsen is a cornerstone of this community in more ways than one.

After growing up and attending high school here in Barrington, Patty found when she returned years later to start a business and raise a family, it’s a place she fondly calls home.

Her own daughter, Kristin Jacobsen, is a recent graduate of Barrington High School, and will be carrying on her career as a swimmer at the collegiate level by swimming for University of Arizona's team. Her older daughter Annie Jacobsen, also swam at the college level for University of Illinois in Chicago.

Jacobsen’s narrative of how she came to be in her current line of work is a story that needs telling, and so Living60010 stopped in to talk to Patty about some of the philosophies and personal attitudes she and her associates apply when servicing this community. We also learned more about the history and origins of her own local business Jensen Jacobsen and Associates.

LIVING60010: How has growing up and being a resident in this community for so long affected the way you do business here?

Patty Jacobsen: Well I obviously love the community since I grew up here, and I think it’s a wonderful community to have a business, and raise a family. Mostly good people here and I thoroughly enjoy working with all my clients.

Most of my clients are friends, or if they weren’t before we started doing business together then they become friends soon after.

That is part of what we take pride in as an agency, our very personal service. We try to get to know everyone so we can best help them find solutions to their insurance problems.

LIVING60010: As the current chairman of the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce what can you tell me about the importance of local businesses in this area?

Patty Jacobsen: Well I think it’s really important when you live in a community to do business in that community. Because you want your community to thrive, and I can’t tell you how important the chamber has been to me with my business.

With the recent move, little things - from moving my office here, to hiring someone through the chamber to help me pick out the carpet. They have been a huge resource for us in all aspects of the business.

My tenant upstairs I met in a chamber 'Mixer of the Month', and I found him before I even moved in myself. So again I just think it’s important if you’re going to live in a community to do business in that community. It certainly makes all of us local business owners happy.

LIVING60010: What is your relationship with Barrington Bank and Trust?

Patty Jacobsen: We’ve been banking with them since they first opened their doors, so I actually have one of their founding checking accounts.

My parents and my kids all have their banking accounts there. In addition, myself and my husband, who is also a business owner, have all of our business accounts there.

More recently we just did the mortgage for our new office through Barrington Bank and Trust with Burke Groom. He couldn’t have been easier to deal with, and made the process very smooth. In fact, even bringing it back to the Chamber, I had been looking for a different space probably since the day I took over the agency about ten years ago. I had been toying with the idea of moving to a different location for a long time when Burke Groom came to one of our chamber networking meetings and gave a presentation on their mortgage loans, and their SBA loans.

When he gave that presentation it allowed me to reconsider more seriously the possibility of moving office spaces, and I thought maybe I should look again because this looks like a really good deal. Then I did, because I had looked at the building we are in now, probably four years ago, and it was still available for purchase. When I looked at it again and did all the numbers with Burke’s presentation in mind it made sense, and so it came to be.

It was a good combination between the chamber networking group and Barrington Bank and Trust, and I couldn’t be happier to be here. We all just love the new space.

LIVING60010: Can you tell me about some of the services that Jensen Jacobsen and associates has to offer?

Patty Jacobsen: We provide both individual and small business insurance. So we can provide life, health, auto, and umbrella insurance. In addition to small businesses we also insure non for profits. We also do insurance for a number of associations as well.

LIVING60010: How did you first get involved in the business of Insurance?

Patty Jacobsen: Well my dad was always in insurance. He had started out working for W Clement Stone, so that was my experience growing up with him in the insurance industry.

In college I actually took an insurance class, and I really liked it. When I graduated I worked for a group life and health carrier. Then I worked for Home Life Insurance Company, another group life and health carrier, for about 13 years, and that was a great experience. l did all sorts of employee benefits, and helped independent brokers like my father sell our products.

Ten years ago is when I actually bought my dad’s agency, which is the one we have now.

LIVING60010: Could you describe for me Jensen Jacobsen and Associates philosophy when servicing clients and customers?

Patty Jacobsen: Basically we like to treat them the way we would like to be treated. We’re very responsive when they call, and we like to handle their problems or questions immediately. We’re an independent insurance agency so we represent several insurance companies, and as a result we’re not necessarily working for any one insurance company in particular. Instead, we work with our client’s to figure out what they need, and then find the company that best fits those specific needs.

LIVING60010: How should I go about applying for a claim or a quote?

Patty Jacobsen: I usually recommend for people to call, but if they prefer email we can certainly do that as well.

However, sometimes when they call we can just get a better sense of what they really need and ask the questions a little bit quicker. Especially if somebody has a claim that is underneath their deductible we would recommend not filing the claim, and we don’t want them to go through that hassle. In regards to quoting, sometimes we’re gonna ask some additional questions that might not be on the application.

Most importantly whatever is best for the clients needs is what we will accommodate.

LIVING60010: Where can I go to find out more information on Jensen Jacobsen and Associates?

Patty Jacobsen: Well we do have a website, and of course customers are always welcome to walk right in and visit us at our office in downtown Barrington. We also have a newsletter you can subscribe to on our website.

Learn more about Jensen Jacobsen Associates here


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