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March 18, 2016

Holly Antonucci has worked with her daughter since 1998 to build a thriving embroidery and print shop out of her residential home in Barrington.

With a reputation that has traveled by word of mouth - customers have learned to depend on Flash Design for fast, quality, and affordable service. Covering a wide range of products from custom design tees, to embroidered napkins, they have it all.

Living 60010 had the chance to stop in and learn more about just what it is that Flash Design offers, which customers seem to love so much.

Living 60010: What prompted your initial interest in embroidery and design work?

Holly Antonucci: It was my daughter. I graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in painting, so that is my background. Preceding my daughter and I starting Flash Design, my daughter had been working in a shop that did screen-printing.

She and a girlfriend were going to start a business of their own in that industry, but then her friend last minute pulled out, and it didn’t quite work so she asked me to help her out. I helped her get things started, and we’ve been working ever since together.

Living 60010: How has being family owned and run affected the way you do business?

Holly Antonucci: It’s actually been a good thing. We work well together. My daughter’s husband, as well as mine, has become part of the team, so it’s become really a family affair, and fortunately everyone gets along real well.

Living 60010: When did you first Open Flash Design?

Holly Antonucci: We opened officially in October of 1998.

Living 60010: What makes Flash Design unique and stand out from other screen-printing and embroidery shops?

Holly Antonucci: There are a lot of great embroidery and screen-printing shops. It’s a great field to be in, and people that are in it love doing it.

I think the thing that makes us stand apart is the fact that we handle “emergencies” so to speak. When People come to us that have forgotten to take care of something right before an event, we can provide the quality and last minute service they need. However, we in no way require that orders be placed last minute, but we do handle it real well.

Living 60010: How would I go about purchasing Flash Design products?

Holly Antonucci: Certainly by contacting us. You could call us at (847) 713-2114, or visit our website by clicking here

Living 60010: How has your relationship been with Barrington Bank and Trust?

Holly Antonucci: They are fabulous. It was strange when my daughter and I wanted to open up an account for Flash Design - it was actually quite difficult. Some banks didn’t want to open up a business account for a mother and daughter run venture.

Eventually Harris Bank decided to give us a try. We stayed with them for quite awhile, but they changed hands, and with that change began expecting different things. When we switched to Barrington Bank and Trust I was so pleased that they accepted a small business to be part of their team.

Living 60010: What has been your experience owning and operating a business in Barrington?

Holly Antonucci: It has been wonderful. I’ve never had a problem with any customers, and have found the people and area to be very friendly.

Living 60010: What kinds of new products and design work should customers expect to see in the future?

Holly Antonucci: Right now there is a trend for sparkle and more bedazzlement.

Living 60010: Are there any deals or special discounts to watch out for?

Holly Antonucci: You know the truth is we’re just so darn cheap. Quite honestly our biggest problem is charging enough money for our goods and services.

Maybe it’s because we are a family owned and run business, that we don’t put as much value on our products sometimes as some of the bigger shops. Our affordable pricing may not always benefit us, but it certainly does our customers.

Living 60010: What kinds of unique or interesting projects have you done for customers before?

Holly Antonucci: There was a fellow from Wisconsin who searched for embroidery in Barrington on the Internet, and he had purchased a fleece jacket for someone who had just started working for NASA.

He wanted the NASA emblem to be embroidered on this jacket. He came to us on a Friday, and he was leaving that Monday to go back up to Wisconsin. So I quickly checked out the assorted logos that NASA aloud people to copy, and selected a couple showed him what they were. He made his selection, and by Monday he had his garment embroidered.

Learn more about Flash Design by clicking here

Learn more about business banking at Barrington Bank & Trust here


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