Spring Donut: A Wonderful New Spot in Town

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March 8, 2016

Four months ago, Spring Donut opened in downtown Barrington. A cozy, welcoming spot, perfect to enjoy coffee and baked treats by yourself - while getting some work done or a great spot to meet with friends.

Sisters Kasia and Emilia are the proprietors of this business that has been establishing a reputation as a place to grab a unique treat, the donut they named their business after ‘Spring Donut’, also known as a Chimney Cake.

Spring Donut's atmosphere is designed to be comfortable for people of all ages! Plenty of books and play areas for the kids, so moms and dads can actually enjoy their respite without distraction.

We caught up with the sisters to learn more about them and their business for Barrington Bank & Trust’s Businesses Around Town.

LIVING60010: What did you do before you opened Spring Donut?

Kasia & Emilia: We lived in Poland worked in the corporate world

LIVING60010: What types of products do you have at Spring Donut?

Kasia & Emilia: We special in chimney cakes Hungarian pastry is delicious donut-like dough made from scratch every day, hand rolled onto a rod, coated with sugar and baked in our special European oven. It's also known as a Chimney Cake. In addition to the spring donut we serve all kind of coffee drinks and we bake many other treats as well. We didn’t what to be a reseller of bakery items. We actually bake a variety of items that go well with coffee throughout the day: pączki, carrot cakes, blueberries cakes, cookies and more! Everyday there are new delicious things in our display case.

LIVING60010: How did you come to open this type of business?

Kasia & Emilia: We always loved to bake together but we lived a long distance form each other so we could do it just once in a while. Then we decided to change our lives. We came from Poland with the idea of opening a coffee shop and bakery.

What makes us unique is that we are baking during the day to offer fresh goodies to savor all day long with the favorite coffee drink or other beverage specialty. Everyday there is something different in our pastry case, hoping to bring a little bit of joy to someone's day.

LIVING60010: How did you come to open in Barrington?

Kasia & Emilia: We looked in suburban Chicago for a quaint and friendly town. We located in Barrington, a historical suburb with a small town charm, numerous shops, dining opportunities and the Metra train.

LIVING60010: What are your hours of operation?

  • Monday - closed

  • Tuesday- Thursday 8am-5pm

  • Friday - Saturday 8am-4pm

  • Sunday 8am-3pm

LIVING60010: What would you like people to know about your business?

Kasia & Emilia: That chimney cakes are made to order. We have a fun little kids’ area. We are a great place to stop in and read as we have a book exchange! Great location to hold a book club meeting!

LIVING60010: Do you do anything special around holidays?

Kasia & Emilia: We are taking orders for all kinds of cakes for holidays. We do custom baking as well as our regular offerings.

LIVING60010: What is your relationship like with Barrington Bank & Trust?

Kasia & Emilia: People are very friendly and easy-going it’s nice to do business with the bank, very easy. We have already set up our personal accounts with them too. It’s right in the middle of downtown so it makes it easy for us. They are very professional and helpful with all the things that we need.


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