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February 13, 2016

Cathleen Mikosz has always had a passion for working with animals. Ever since her middle school years, she found helping neighbors with their pets fun and rewarding. While earning a degree in business, Mikosz put her education to use and started Cathleen’s Critter Care, which she currently owns and operates today. Mikosz and her employees offer a diverse range of services and look after even the most exotic pets. Living 60010 sat down with Mikosz and discussed her love of wagging tails.

What prompted you to start this business?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved animals and knew that I wanted to work with them, so I applied to a veterinary office. After being employed there for a couple of years, I realized that I wasn’t interested in the science aspect of working with animals. I then started helping neighbors more with their pets while they went away on vacation. It occurred to me that I could do this as a career and went on to business school. I actually started Cathleen’s Critter Care while I was still enrolled.

Did you do a lot of pet sitting as a teenager?

I was pet sitting even before that in middle school. At the time, I was only doing it as a favor for my neighbors and worked primarily with cats.

Take me through how exactly your service works.

I offer a few different services. One of them is “Mid-Day Walks”, which is for people who work all day and want their dog to have a nice break in the afternoon. Owners then don’t have to rush home because they know that their dog has been taken care of. Another service we offer is “Vacation Visits”, which is when we stop by multiple times a day for about half an hour, depending on what the animal’s needs are. This could also include other services such as taking out the garbage, bringing in the mail, or rotating the lights. Our third service is “Overnights”, where we actually stay at the client’s home so the pet gets more attention and can stick to a routine. It’s a much better option for a pet than a kennel.

What other animals do you take care of besides cats and dogs?

Dogs and cats are the main pets we watch over, but we also look after some exotic animals. In the past, we’ve taken care of birds, chinchillas, bearded dragons, guinea pigs, and geckos.

What happens during your consultation sessions?

This is a free meet and greet for potential clients. We go over all the instructions and I also have paperwork for customers to fill out regarding contact information, a vet release, specific instructions for pet care, and any other services they might need.

How long have you lived in Barrington?

I’ve lived here pretty much my entire life. It’s such a great community and I’ve really enjoyed starting my business here.

What other groups or organizations are you involved with in Barrington?

Not anything specifically in Barrington, but I am a part of Pet Sitters International. I love being a member because it gives me the opportunity to learn from others and develop my business even further.

What is your favorite thing to do in Barrington?

I love hiking and there are so many forest preserves in the area. Of course, I alway enjoy the staples of Barrington such as the Catlow Theater and Baloney’s.

How has your relationship been like with Barrington Bank & Trust?

They are great and always interested to hear about my business’s growth. I’m especially excited to be one of their “Featured Businesses” on display in the bank lobby.

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