BHS Alum Kate Fox Brings Her Original Super Hero Comedy to Parker Playhouse

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July 2, 2018

Barrington High School alum Kate Fox spent a lot of time on the stage during her time in Barrington and has continued to be active in performing arts in college. This summer she is bringing an original play she wrote and is directing to the Parker Playhouse in Barrington for three performances July 13th and 14th.

We caught up with Kate to learn more.

Living60010: When did you become interested in the theater?

Kate Fox: I’ve always been drawn to the theater. I started taking choir classes in elementary school and my passion for fine arts took off from there.  

Living60010: As a performer growing up are there any favorite moments?

Kate Fox: There are so many! Much to my parents’ dismay, I’ve always loved getting a rise out of others which coincidentally, paired very well with my love of performing. There was nothing better than getting an audience to laugh or react when I was on stage.

The theatre has always promoted a welcoming and fun atmosphere. When I step on stage, I feel like I’m home; I feel most like myself.

Living60010: What inspired you to create your own original material?

Kate Fox: It was a spur of the moment decision. I’ve been actively pursuing writing since my senior year of high school so the desire to create my own original material has always been there. However, creating a play was never my intention.

When I first came up with the idea for Guts and Glory, I envisioned it as a short story for young adults but once I started writing the dialogue, I quickly realized the story would be perceived better as a script. As soon as I figured this out I knew I had to put it on a stage, so I called Mrs. Tobison, told her my idea, and the rest is history!

Living60010: How does it feel to be on the other side? Any major learning moments?

Kate Fox: This whole process has been a major learning curve. I didn’t think about all of the factors that play into the creation of a play when I began this journey. Suddenly, I became the writer, director, tech crew, publicist, and costumer all at once. It’s been overwhelming, but exhilarating. The idea of making this show a reality is so unbelievably exciting to me. I can’t wait for others to see it.

Living60010: Tell us about Guts and Glory?

Kate Fox: Of course! Guts and Glory is a modern comedic drama covering the hilarious and tense lives of the brazen superhero, Powerman and his sly arch nemesis, Nightmare. The duo are enemies but unbeknownst to either of them, they’re also...roommates?! Follow Powerman and Nightmare as their story unfolds and they dive deeper into the question of good versus evil. Their dynamic story is filled with crazy characters, outrageously funny moments, action and a heartwarming love story. 

Living60010: Who is in the cast?

Cast List

Nightmare - Lizzie Kaboski

Powerman - Aidan Fox

Glitch - Collin Fox

Reporter - Mae Bauster

Officer Krutz - Kelly Postlethwait

Officer Miller - Will Knoop

THUG 1 - Kelly Postlethwait

THUG 2 - Shawn Vetticad

McDonald’s Manager - Tristan Buss

Mindy - Mary Furlong

Eric - Tristan Buss

Pedestrian 1 - Mary Furlong

Pedestrian 2 - Tristan Buss

Voice 1- AT Losurdo

Voice 2 - Louise Fox/Mary Furlong

Voice 3 - Tristan Buss/Ethan Meister

Voice 4: Eddie Horn 


Members of Guts & Glory cast. Left to Right: Shawn Vetticad (Thug 2), Aidan Fox (Powerman), AT Losurdo (Assistant Director), Kate Fox (Director and Writer), and Kelly Postlethwait (Officer Miller and Thug 2)


Living60010: What do you think will surprise the audience?

Kate Fox: I believe that some of the minor characters have the potential to steal the show and will leave the audience laughing out loud! 

Living60010: Is it appropriate for all ages?

Kate Fox: Yes, it is! There are a few fight scenes between some of the characters in the show which might make parents hesitant but when I wrote this script, my goal was to make it comedic without being crude.

Living60010: What is your connection to Parker Playhouse?

Kate Fox: In the past, I’ve worked at the Parker Playhouse as a student, performer, and teacher.

When I began writing the script, it only seemed natural to reach out to Mrs. Tobison and ask to put the show up there. The Parker Playhouse was built off of creativity, hard work, and a dream. I was there when they first built the stage in the Parker Playhouse and I have so much respect for Mrs. Tobison and Ellen Werksman who have worked diligently to provide a theatre equipped with quality entertainment and passion to the Barrington Community.

Living60010: What is next for Kate Fox?

Kate Fox: I will be traveling to Helsinki, Finland for two weeks in August to study Information Systems and digital business. After that, I plan on returning to Loyola University Chicago to start my senior year and achieve a BBA in Information Systems and Marketing and complete my minor in Creative Writing.

I hope to continue writing new stories every step of the way!

Buy Tickets to Guts & Glory at the Parker Playhouse HERE

The Parker Playhouse provides the Barrington area with an event/theater space showcasing performers of all ages and to allow for artistic development and project-based presentations. The theater offers a Season of self-produced performances as well as offering independent rentals and special events. Parker Playhouse is a 501(c)3 organization. Learn more at

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