The Barrington Junior Women’s Club (BJWC) is a 501c3 organization that was established in 1936 to improve the lives of women, children and senior citizens in the Barrington area community through Philanthropy. BJWC is a member based organization and is open to women of all ages over 18. Our membership includes Barrington area residents, as well as women in the neighboring communities who are interested in becoming involved in philanthropic and community service activities.

The Committees: How You Can Get Involved

BJWC members join a committee each year that they work on. Most committees have co-chairs who lead the group and members that work collectively with them. Committee roles cover the range of what we do from fundraising to community outreach to membership education, so there is something for everyone! Members usually change committees each year so they can try different things within BJWC and get to know others within BJWC.

[orbit_accordion animate=”animate_none” gradient_top=”#ffffff” title_color=”#0a0a0a” title_color_active=”#cc2a39″][orbit_accordion_panel panel_active=”true” title=”The Officer Responsibilities”]President 

  • Presides over all meetings.
  • Appoints all standing and special committees.
  • Serves as a member ex-officio of all committees.
  • Represents Barrington Junior Women’s Club, Inc. at community events or appoint someone to do so whenever necessary.
  • Serves as a member of the nominating committee.

First Vice President 

  • Serves as the chairperson of the membership committee.
  • Acquaints herself with the duties of the president and presides in the absence of the president.
  • Accepts reports of unexcused ways & means obligations, community service or committee obligations from chairpersons.
  • Maintains the membership file.

Second Vice President 

  • Serves as the chairperson of the directory.
  • Schedules 1-2 picture taking sessions of members
  • Organizes names, addresses and pictures
  • Designs directory cover and solicits ads for the directory
  • Takes the place of any elected board member in her absence at general meetings.

Treasurer & Treasurer Elect

  • Keeps the books up to date and pays all the bills pertinent to the organization.
  • Collects all dues and money.
  • Makes all books and records available for audit.
  • Serves as a member of the budget committee.

Recording Secretary

  • Keeps the minutes of all meetings.
  • Sends copies of the minutes to the president within a week of each general and board meeting.
  • Maintains an inventory of the Storage Unit.

Corresponding Secretary

  • Serves as the chairperson of the newsletter committee.
  • Conducts official correspondence under the direction of the president.
  • Sends out notices of all board meetings.

[/orbit_accordion_panel][orbit_accordion_panel panel_active=”false” title=”The Committees”]Advisors
Chairpersons: Erin Shechtman, Mary Dale

  • Provide advice and support to the executive board, drawing from their breadth of experience in all aspects of BJWC.

Associates Liaisons
Chairpersons: Tiffany Andreae, Lisa Olszewski

  • Connect past members with current members
  • Provide communication on a monthly basis to Associates
  • Host Associate events throughout the year

Character Counts
Chairpersons: Gina Koertner, Dawn Nixon, Kirsten Williams

  • Solicit nominations for Character Counts awards from members of BJWC
  • Review references of nominees
  • Present the awards to the Character Counts winners at the
  • Barrington Village Board Meeting
  • Organize a reception for the award winners and their families, following the Village Board meeting.

Community Outreach
Chairpersons: Jen Hopwood and Judy Lichtenberger

  • Promote BJWC in the community by supporting Barrington community activities and events.
  • The activities include: Scarecrow Festival, Feed My Starving Children, The Community Meal and others

Community Service
Chairpersons: Veronica Avedician and Cali Bergold

  • Coordinate community service activities for BJWC, including Meals with Wheels and tutoring at Sunny Hill. .
  • Oversee the sign-up of two-hour shifts, and see that each BJWC member has met the club obligation.
  • Attend external meetings with BJWC partners
  • Send reminder to the volunteers in advance of their scheduled assignment.
  • Consider and evaluate other service opportunities for the club.

Corporate Sponsorship
Chairpersons: Kathy Brodin, Shefali Bhuva

  • Identify and organizes sponsorship opportunities for BJWC at both a corporate level and event level.
  • Solicit advertisements for Ways and Means, as well as special events.

Fall Ways and Means
Chairpersons: Priscilla Morrison, Jessica Young

  • Plan and oversight of major fundraiser, Fall Fashion Show.

Giving Day
Chairpersons: Christine Birch, Courtney Engelson, Heidi Shannon

  • Work in collaboration with broader Barrington Giving Day organization to procure, transport, sort and organize toy donations
  • Facilitate volunteer base for Barrington Giving Day toy department

HOPE Dinner
Chairpersons: Kathy Krucek, Stephanie Omar

  • Plan HOPE Dinner, a holiday themed dinner in December
  • Distribute gift cards to seniors, using funds raised at the dinner.

Legal Advisor
Chairperson: Elizabeth Gaffney

  • Review all contracts, and provide advice and counsel to each of the committees as needed.

Chairpersons: Julie Blasius, Hannah Johnson, Alyson Quaranta

  • Host a membership drive at the September meeting to recruit new members
  • Host a new member get together
  • Greet and welcome members and guests at every meeting.
  • Communicate with new members regarding club events.

Meeting Planning and Membership Education
Chairpersons: Katie Karam, Amanda Manczak

  • Plan and organizes the BJWC Monthly General Meetings at local venues
  • Secure speakers for the general meetings, at the request of the President.
  • Transport and set up AV equipment at meeting spaces, as needed
  • Supply name tags for attendees at the meetings.

Chairperson: Veronica Avedician

  • Prepare a slate of nominees for officers to be presented at the March Board Meeting.
  • Present the slate at the general meeting in April with nominations from the floor.
  • Publish the slate in the May newsletter

Chairpersons are: Mary Dale, Kelli Kermath, Suzy Mogler

  • Solicit nominations for grants and scholarships from the greater community.
  • Review nominations and and selects recipients for BJWC’s Community Grants
  • Review nominees and selects recipients for BHS Scholarships.
  • Organize and facilitate a Scholarship Dinner for the Scholarship winners and their families, in conjunction with the BJWC June meeting.
  • Organize and facilitate a Grant reception for the Grant recipients

Public Relations
Chairpersons: Julie Joyce, Ashley Page

  • Coordinate with BJWC chairs to gather information pertinent to events
  • Collect photos and images to promote BJWC events in the community
  • Coordinate with Second Vice President to meet media timelines

Safety Town
Chairpersons: Neena Masterson, Jessica Spentzos

  • Organize the popular early childhood educational safety program for kids, Safety Town.
  • Hire teachers to teach the program, as needed
  • Review maintenance needs at the permanent site
  • Oversee registration and financial obligations of Safety Town
  • Initiate portable Safety Town at Sunny Hill School

Service to Seniors
Chairpersons: Dani Kusmerz, Rachel Kuna, Marcy Sparr

  • Host two holiday parties during the year at Christmas and Valentine’s Day, in conjunction with BACOA..
  • Host a “Spring Fling”, a luncheon with entertainment, bingo and prizes, in conjunction with BACOA.
  • Coordinate with local organizations to enrich the lives of Seniors.

Spring Ways & Means
Chairpersons are: Stephanie Jameson, Ali Swingruber

  • Plans and organizes the spring fundraiser.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors helps oversee each of our committees and provides leadership to our members and the community.

Liisa Gent

1st Vice President
Heidi Shannon

2nd Vice President
Cindy Galley

Sara Morrell

Rachel Irons

Corresponding Secretary
Gina Koertner

Recording Secretary
Alli Swingruber


  • 2017  Annmarie Dymon
  • 2016 Mary Dale
  • 2015 Erin Schectman
  • 2014 Veronica Thompson
  • 2013 Suzy Mogler
  • 2012 Nina Stephenson
  • 2011 Sarah Cuthbertson
  • 2010 Lara Berry
  • 2009 Carrie Carr
  • 2008 Wendy Bower


BJWC members give back directly to the community through active volunteer work. All BJWC are required to perform at least two hours of community service. Our philosophy is that through this direct engagement, our members will gain a deeper understanding of the impact we have on the community and how other groups are impacted by the work we do.