B220 School Board Approves Master Facility Plan

Barrington 220 News
September 7, 2018

At its September 4 meeting, the Board of Education approved a long-term master-facilities plan for the school district. 

The master-facilities plan aims to address a variety of Barrington 220's needs over the next 20 years. Areas of focus include the expected aging of the district's building infrastructure, the creation of new learning spaces for 21st-century teaching methods, current expectations for building safety and security, and signature programs that have high value for the Barrington area community, such as fine arts and athletics. Click here to review the approved master plan. 

Later this fall, the Board plans to seek community feedback on the master plan, to narrow down which parts a potential referendum question should focus on in the April 2019 general election.  

At its Sept. 4 meeting, the Board approved the formation of a Referendum Advisory Committee to gain that community feedback. Committee members will review the master plan during the month of October and provide feedback to the Board in November. The committee will be made up of representatives from more than 50 community organizations. Invitations to each organization will be sent out this week. In addition, there will be three at-large positions. Interested community members should contact Board Recording Secretary, Jeanine Stark:jstark@barrington220.org.

The Board is also currently considering a telephone survey for all residents in the Barrington 220 boundary area. Board members will have more discussion on this option at their next regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 18

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