BHS Fine Arts Summer Camp Concludes With Big Production of Annie Jr.

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June 29, 2018

The Barrington High School Fine Arts Summer Camp concludes classes with its third annual musical production.

This year's production of Annie Jr. showcases the incredible talent of 6th through 10th-grade students in the Barrington 220 community. The four-week program exposes students to the many opportunities available to them at Barrington High School. Music, dance, acting and technical aspects of putting on a performance are covered in classes culminating in their participation in a large musical production. The popular program has two casts so a greater number of students are able to perform on the stage in the auditorium at Barrington High School. Tickets are available at the door.

Kathleen Higgens as Annie and Cast #1 orphans


Thursday night, the first cast performed and tonight at 7:00 p.m. the final performance features the second cast. 

Cast #1

Sia Amin                     Orphan Chorus/ Solo #8

Simran Bansal           Adult Chorus/ Servant

Ella Beaubien            Miss Hannigan

Morgan Bernero        Adult Chorus/ Mrs. Greer

Ananya Bhatia           Orphan Chorus/ Solo #1

Grace Bogue               Lily St. Regis

Emily Broderick         Orphan Chorus/ Duffy

Gabriella Brown        Adult Chorus/ Maid Feature Dancer

Riley Brown               Adult Chorus/ Servant

Ryan Burns                Adult Chorus/ Man in window

Milana Carse              Orphan Chorus/ Sadie

Tiffany Chien             Adult Chorus/ Servant

Jacob Cyhaniuk         Adult Chorus/ Bundles McCloskey

Bridget Daugherty    Adult Chorus/ Maid Feature Dancer

Rose Davenport         Adult Chorus/ Cecille

Christian Dorman     Adult Chorus/ Howe

Julia Dwyer                Orphan Chorus/ Spoken solo #2

Sophie Farmer           Orphan Chorus/ Pepper

Will Farmer                Adult Chorus/ Bert Healy

Angelina Fasolo         Orphan Chorus/ Molly

Lexi Garcia                 Adult Chorus/ Star-To-Be

Jasper Garnett           Adult Chorus/ Chauffeur

Olivia Giglio                Orphan Chorus/ Tessie

Brian Glickauf            Adult Chorus/ Dog Catcher

Wesley Gordon          Oliver Warbucks

Nick Gotti                    Adult Chorus/ Laundry Man

Ryan Hanson              Orphan Chorus/ Solo #9

Kathleen Higgins       Annie

Margaret Higgins      Adult Chorus/ Mrs. Pugh

Quinn Hutchinson    Adult Chorus/ Apple Seller

Paul Lazzari               Rooster

Anna Lemanski         Orphan Chorus/ Kate

Maya Lunt                  Adult Chorus/ Usherette/ Featured Dancer

Ella Martin                 Orphan Chorus/ solo #4

Anna McCoy               Grace Farrell

Jack Peterson             Adult Chorus/ Officer Ward

Tara Pieropan            Orphan Chorus/ solo #3

Mia Priola                   Adult Chorus/ Annette

Maggie Rapp              Orphan Chorus/ Spoken solo #1

Camryn Reedy           Adult Chorus/ Sound Effects Woman

Ella Ricaurte              Orphan Chorus/ July

Emma Richmond      Orphan Chorus/ Solo #6

Imran Rizvi                Adult Chorus/ Drake

Lauren Romans         Sandy

Sarah Sarnowski       Orphan Chorus/ Solo #7

Hawthorne Silberg   Adult Chorus/ President Roosevelt

Morgan Smith           Orphan Chorus/ Solo #10

Aurelia Strunk           Orphan Chorus/ Solo #2

Phillip Sumrang        Adult Chorus/ Servant

Avery Trapp               Orphan Chorus/ Solo #5

Anastasia Waller       Orphan Chorus/ Margo

Francesca Werner     Adult Chorus/ Officer Wyatt

Cast #2

Taylor Bulgarelli        Orphan Chorus/ Solo #1

Colleen Carroll           Adult Chorus/ Mrs. Pugh

Alexis Caviles             Adult Chorus/ Star-To-Be

Avery Ciaglia              Orphan Chorus/ Solo #4

Lila Collette                Orphan Chorus/ Solo #9

Brooke Davis              Orphan Chorus/ Molly

Claire Davis                Adult Chorus/ Usherette/ Featured dancer

Megan Ferro              Orphan Chorus/ Sadie

Morgan Flaska           Orphan Chorus/ Duffy

Alex Foy                      Adult Chorus/ Apple Seller

Lauren Fryer             Orphan Chorus/ Spoken solo #2

Summer Gregoire      Orphan Chorus/ Solo #5

Audrey Guitterez       Orphan Chorus/ Solo #3

Avery Hanson            Orphan Chorus/ Spoken solo #1

Lily Hurlock                Orphan Chorus/ Pepper

Zain Hyder                 Adult Chorus/ Bert Healy

Ellie Ippolito              Miss Hannigan

Kailey Jeffs                 Adult Chorus/ Mrs. Greer

Jenna Kerr                 Orphan Chorus/ Solo #10

Alexis Lais                  Adult Chorus/ Dog Catcher

Isabella Machaj         Adult Chorus/ Servant

Campbell Maciver     Orphan Chorus/ Margo

Anastasia Mark          Orphan Chorus/ Solo #6

Zoe Marousis              Adult Chorus/ Maid Featured Dancer

Eleni Marousis           Adult Chorus/ Maid Featured Dancer

Ellen McGinn             Orphan Chorus/ Kate

Margaret Palmieri     Orphan Chorus/ Solo #2

Ben Peterson              Adult Chorus/ Officer Wyatt

Caroline Pisani          Orphan Chorus/ Tessie

Joe Polizzi                   Adult Chorus/ Officer Ward

David Polizzi              Adult Chorus/ Howe

Ellery Ragnini            Adult Chorus/ Sound Effect Woman

David Rha                   Oliver Warbucks

Sammi Rivera            Orphan Chorus/ July

Kathryn Roussev       Adult Chorus/ Servant

Rayanna Schmidt      Orphan Chorus/ solo #7

Kade Schneider         Rooster

Athena Seitz               Adult Chorus/ Servant

Jessica Shimp            Grace Farrell

Aarya Singh               Adult Chorus/ Bundles McCloskey

Tristan Steffen          Adult Chorus/ Laundry Man

Allyson Szarek           Annie

Anne Tarpey              Sandy

Bridget Tarpey          Orphan Chorus/ Solo #8

Kaitlin Tenbrunsel    Lily St. Regis

Sofia Todd                  Adult Chorus/ Woman in the Window

Emily Vandenbergh Adult Chorus/ Chauffeur

Lauren Walker          Adult Chorus/ Cecille

Robert Wallen           Adult Chorus/ Drake

Jacob Wegwerth        Adult Chorus/ President Roosevelt

Ella Younger              Adult Chorus/ Annette

Ella Beaubien as Miss Hannigan


For additional information about the Barrington High School Fine Arts Click HERE or become a BHS Fine Arts Booster to receive information and tickets to performances: BHS Fine Arts Boosters

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