BHS Innovation Showcase Highlighted Student's Creative Ideas and a Marked Increase in Girls in Programs

Barrington 220 News
May 24, 2018

Barrington High School continues to grow opportunities for education in new areas of technology, arts and business.

The Barrington High School Innovation Showcase held on Tuesday May 22nd, 2018 featured student demonstrations and exhibits of projects accomplished during this past school year. Greeted by members of the BHS Orchestra playing classical music, the evening was a tribute to the incredible talent incubated in our school district. Project Lead The Way, Graphic Arts, and Mobile Applications students hosted tables throughout the Student Commons and front hallway leading to the Auditorium.

The biggest difference noticed with this exhibition and others hosted over the past few years, was the number of girls in the programs. In 2015, at the first Mobile Applications evening, the females in attendance were in the single digits and that was mirrored in Project Lead The Way (PLTW).  Having spoken to a student from the Class of 2016 who dropped the class as a freshman because she was one of two females in the program, we wanted to know when the change happened. 

"Initially there were a lot of girls in the classes when we started as freshman. We had become aware of Project Lead the Way in science during middle school," a female student from the BHS 2018 graduating class explained. "There was still a lot of girls who dropped over the years to pursue other electives. I stuck with it because I am interested in engineering and will be majoring in it in the fall." 

The balance of male and female students reflected into a large variety of innovative solutions on display. From new bottle designs to reduce shampoo lost in current bottles to mobile applications engaging customers to connect more closely with brands, there were plenty of fresh perspectives making for a very interesting evening. 

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