Broncos Committed 6th Annual ‘Honk for Sobriety’ Highlights Club’s Continued Strength

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May 17, 2018

Started at Barrington High School seven years ago, Broncos Committed continues to inspire teens to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Initially, the organization recruited BHS student-athletes and based their focus on John Underwood's Life of an Athlete program. The program and their Human Performance Project encourages choosing a healthy lifestyle in order to reach peak performance.  By living drug and alcohol-free, adopting positive motivation techniques and having a strong work ethic, they have proven that athletes can outperform their expectations.

Within the first year, Broncos Committed opened the organization to non-athletes and asked that those who join commit to living 100% drug and alcohol-free and work their hardest to represent themselves of the best character in everything they do - at school, home and in the community. 

Three years ago, Barrington Committed was created to offer opportunities for Barrington Middle School students to learn about making healthy lifestyle choices. Broncos Committed has helped by having high school students mentor and lead Barrington Committed activities including twice a year BC Bash events.  The Bc Bashes have been held at Canlan Sportsplex and Advocate Good Shepherd Fitness Center and feature an evening where middle school students interact with high school mentors doing fun physical activities.

Barrington High School Student Program Coordinator Amy Winkelman oversees Broncos Committed and shared that they have also been visiting elementary schools in the Barrington 220 School District. 

"Bronco Committed students have been speaking at the elementary schools sharing their experience having chosen a healthy lifestyle in high school," Winkelman shared.

Today a large crowd of Bronco Committed high school students arrived early at BHS to champion their 6th annual Honk for Sobriety event. Lining Lake Cook/County Line Road, the students held bright creative signs and cheered as cars 'honked' in support. This event is held each year on a morning prior to Barrington High School's Prom which takes place on Saturday.

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Barrington Committed is championed by Bstrong Together, an organization that brought Barrington LEADS, HERE in Barrington, and LINK Barrington together last year. Their mission is 'to enhance the health and well-being of Barrington are children and youth in mind, body, and spirit'.

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