BMS Station Students Compete & Win Thinking Cap QuizBowl's "America Answers" Contest

Barrington 220 News
April 24, 2018

Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl was developed for students across the United States to have fun while doing a scholastic, computer team competition in their own school.

Thinking Cap QuizBowl's "America Answers" contest was offered to 5th & 6th-grade teams in all 48 continental United States. The 7th & 8th-grade level teams competed with schools from 16 states.

The quiz has a variety of questions on a diverse range of topics including Math, Literature, Grammar, Writing, Sports, Science, History, and Current Events.

Abigail Bergan with BMS Station Assistant Principal Tim Haupt

Barrington Middle School's team was comprised of students from all grades but competed at the 8th-grade level. Many of the students also participate on the school's competitive Scholastic Team that recently won the local conference and head to regional competition this week.

Top Schools in Thinking Cap Quiz 2018:

RANK     SCHOOL                                     CITY, STATE               SCORE


1             Station Middle School               Barrington, IL                     1329


2             Mount Nittany Middle School     State College, PA               1325


3             Chamblee Middle School           Chamblee, GA                   1316


4             Middlesex Middle School           Darien, CT                         1313


5             Westminster Schools                 Atlanta, GA                          1312


6             Galloway Twp Middle School   Galloway, NJ                       1306


7             Forsyth Middle School               Ann Arbor, MI                     1299


8           William Crocker Middle School   Hillsborough, CA                1272


9           Gretna Middle School                 Gretna, NE                         1268


10         Hopkins North JHS                     Minnetonka, MN                 1267Barrington



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