2017 BADC Annual Dinner & 43rd Citizen of the Year Award

May 7, 2017

This year's Barrington Area Development Council's Annual Dinner & 43rd Citizen of the Year Award celebrated some of the Barrington Area's greatest leaders.


The theme of the evening 'Leadership of the Knowns & Unknowns', was articulated eloquently by keynote speaker Karen Lambert, President of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital. She has navigated the local hospital through major developments and renovations including the creation of award-winning cardiac service specialty and the Kocourek Family Cardiac Care Center, as well as a complete modernization of the 176-bed Magnet hospital that included a transition to private patient rooms and larger operating rooms to accommodate new technology. President of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital since 2001, and part of Advocate Health Care's management team since 1985, Lambert been on the frontline of radical changes in health care. She credits the strong leadership of her management team and transparent communication throughout the organization for helping the hospital respond and navigate through the ever-changing landscape of their industry.

Current President of the Barrington Area Community Foundation, and former Board Chair of the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce, Karen Lambert is very active in the community. She credits the success of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital to the strong community support they receive and the talented associates that work at the hospital. Starting with people from the Barrington area and surrounding communities who rallied to get the hospital built back in 1979, Good Shepherd has been the benefactor of residents willing to give time and/or treasure to ensure the hospital can provide the best care.

Lambert touched on the cost challenges medical facilities have endured with the change to nationwide coverage, and specifically the financial impact to Advocate. With major changes currently being debated in Washington D.C., she will inevitably be managing the consequences of new health care legislation soon. Her presentation gave confidence to the guests at the BADC Annual Dinner that nobody is better suited to lead Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital through the unrelenting and demanding changes ahead.

After Lambert's keynote speech, previous Barrington Area Development Council 2017 Citizen of the Year award winner, David Nelson, introduced this year's winner George Yapp. Yapp served on the Barrington Area Development Council Board of Directors for a number of years, Yapp was also on the Board and as President of JourneyCare, and currently serves on the Barrington Area Community Foundation Board, where he was a founding member and just finished his tenure as president. Nelson shared that Yapp was also involved with all of his children's activities including work with the Boy Scouts, and retired from Quaker Oats where he was a Division President and Corporate Officer.

George Yapp was not aware he was going to be given the award and was quite surprised.

"If I had known I was going to receive this, I would have something very clever prepared to say," George Yapp shared.

Yapp's children surprised him by coming to town from all over the country to see their father receive the BADC award.

George Yapp joins a distinguished list of community leaders who have received the award over the past 42 years:

  • 1975 Ruth Moor

  • 1976 Bill Miller

  • 1977 Larry Knouff

  • 1978 Sam Oliver

  • 1979 Catherine & Corliss Anderson

  • 1980 Cyril Wagner

  • 1981 Penny Horne

  • 1982 Flo Bash

  • 1983 Harold Lipofsky

  • 1984 Peg Cullen

  • 1985 Faith Semla

  • 1986 Mary Alice Linde

  • 1987 Jeanette Muench

  • 1988 George Van Hagen

  • 1989 Ed Bierkness

  • 1990 Suzy Palmer

  • 1991 Mary Anderson

  • 1992 John Kranz

  • 1993 Waid Vanderpoel

  • 1994 Phil Bash

  • 1995 Stevenson Mountsier

  • 1996 Joseph Kelsch

  • 1997 J. William Braithwaite

  • 1998 Dave Nelson

  • 1999 Norval Stephens

  • 2000 Dolores Wagner

  • 2001 Robert Woodsome

  • 2002 Patsy Mortimer

  • 2003 Lorraine Briggs

  • 2004 Edith Auchter

  • 2005 Jim Peterson

  • 2006 Freddie Pederson

  • 2007 Konrad Bald

  • 2008 Kim Duchossois

  • 2009 Tom Vanderpoel

  • 2010 Richard and Roxy Pepper

  • 2011 Bob Lee

  • 2012 Carol Nelson

  • 2013 Pat Karon

  • 2014 Sue Randall

  • 2015 Beth Raseman

  • 2016 Sue McGrath

Finally, current Barrington Area Development Council President Jack Schaefer accepted an award from Anna Bush n behalf of the organization for his many years of leadership. Although not official, he shared that the nominating committee was getting together in the next few days to elect the next President of the organization.

"Although it is not official," Schaefer said. "I understand that they are voting on Tom Burns who is unopposed."

An entire album of photos from the event can be seen here

The Barrington Area Development Council was founded in 1966 as a not-for-profit civic organization to help sponsor initiatives and organizations that benefit the Barrington Area community. Aside from awarding an unsung hero each year at the Annual Dinner & Citizen of the Year Award event, they host regular blood drives, hold a Leadership Academy every other year, and continually help not-for-profit organizations with support from their board members. In partnership with the Barrington Area Community Foundation, they invited local leaders and potential community leaders to the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit last year, hosting follow-up session each quarter with the group that attended. They have already started reaching out to the community with invitations to attend the 2017 Global Leadership Summit.

For additional information about the Barrington Area Development Council click here