Project Horsepower needs your support!

November 10, 2014


This past fall, the Barrington 220 launch of “Project Horsepower” – a partnership with Comcast’s Internet Essentials, Netgear, Barrington 220 and the Barrington Area Development Council (BADC), that is endorsed by the Barrington 220 Educational Foundation and the PTO President’s Council.


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The partnership provides and funds free high-speed Internet service to homes of students who reside in low-income households, and who qualify for the Federal free and reduced cost lunch program.

The Barrington 220 School District is the first public school system in the U.S. to launch Project Horsepower, a groundbreaking pilot initiative designed to extend a student's education and learning beyond the end of the school day. As long as a qualifying student stays in school and his or her family meets the strict income criteria of the Federal free-and-reduced-lunch program, Project Horsepower will be available until the youngest child in that household graduates from high school.

FACT: There are approximately 725 families and 1,500 students who qualify for this program and cannot afford home Internet service.

With so much of our current education dependent on Internet support, students without home access are at a serious disadvantage. They can’t do homework as easily. They can’t do research for school projects as easily. They can’t access their teachers and schoolwork remotely, and it’s more difficult for their parents to help them and monitor their progress, let alone communicate with teachers. For low-income qualifying families, Project Horsepower eliminates these hurdles, extends learning beyond school walls and helps parents play a more active role in their children’s education.

Help is needed to cover costs over the next 12 to 24 months, until such time as Barrington 220 can arrange for full funding of the program costs.

Please help to “Connect-a-Family” in need by making a contribution through this Project Horsepower Partnership community appeal. With your generous contribution, we can make real and significant progress in closing the digital divide for children in the Barrington 220 School District.


Project Horsepower sponsors include: